3 rulers in 2, the 18" ruler transforms into a 14" ruler.
3 rulers in 2, the 18" ruler transforms into a 14" ruler.

9 Degree Circle Wedge Ruler Trio Pack - 9",14", 18"

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3 NEW "Mini Wedge" Rulers actually combine to make three different-sized 9 degree wedge rulers! With over sixty combined pattern ideas included, numerous creative options can be explored and developed. Working with any one of these will create stunning circles and corner fans. These three rulers are equivelent to purchasing the 9", 14" & 18" wedge rulers separately. Create 18", 14" and 9" Fans as well as 36", 28" and 18" Circles.

Read through the different Design Ideas and examine the illustrations. Select one design and begin. Some of the patterns automatically create two different designs! Be sure to try several of these stunning, yet simple patterns to fully explore the creative potential of these fascinating new tools. The skill level necessary is to cut and sew a straight line - everyone will succeed!

The 18" ruler has been re-designed to have a removable top portion; allowing it to be "2 rulers in 1". It becomes the 14" ruler once the top unit is removed! This new design has lessened the use of petroleum products and eliminated the need to raise the price of the contents, due to mounting costs related to petroleum/paper goods during the past 12 years. Just secure with simple tape when joined! Complete yardage and instructions included. 

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