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I was born and raised in Long Beach California, moving to Seattle as a young bride of 18 with my high school sweetheart. While in Seattle I became a quilter and the proud mother of three children. I began quilting in 1980 when the first of my three children was born. The first and only quilting class I ever took was eight weeks long and involved making one pinwheel pot holder. I actually never finished that potholder but before the end of that eight-week class, where the potholder would have been sandwiched, hand quilted, and then bound, I was employed by a fabric store and began teaching quilting myself! That was just the beginning.

Today, I am a self-made, internationally famous contemporary quilt artist. I've written over 30 books and patterns. I invented specialty rulers such as the 45 Degree Kaleidoscope Wedge and 9 Degree Circle Wedge Ruler, and my innovative teaching style has transformed the world of quilting. My products sell worldwide and my mission is to inspire everyone who uses them.

My most recent endeavor, undertaken in January 2010, is very exciting and involves a lifelong dream! I purchased a historic Bed & Breakfast built in 1889. It is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and is named Marilyn’s Melrose Inn. It's a gorgeous backdrop and where I have my all-inclusive quilting retreats. In these retreats, I teach professional quilters, shop owners, and teachers to have fun and make a healthy living offering my classes via their skills. I also have retreats for non-professionals too! Productivity and fun are the themes of each session. Everyone goes home with significant work accomplished and enough excitement to light up their lives!

Flourishing, appreciation, joy, creativity, empowerment, and thriving are real experiences in my daily life and for anyone in my company. My motto is simple: If you are not having fun, then you are not doing it right!

Marilyn Doheny

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