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This is a downloadable version of the Angels in My Garden Booklet which you can download and print. Also viewable with iBooks on iPad.  

Angels and flowers are universal images that soothe the human soul. They bring comfort and delight to everyone who views them. Whether you prefer angels or flowers or both, you will love creating these delightful spiral images. Your experience will be truly angelic, because there are no seams to match! It is said, "The earth laughs with flowers." It is also said that "Gardens are heaven on earth!" With Angels In My Garden, you'll enjoy creating your very own little "weed free" patch of heaven. The angel/flower images can be finished in many ways; your imagination leads the way! Imagine... a Guardian Angel quilt or a wall hanging would make a perfect gift for a special child or adult. Imagine... appliqueing the angel/flower spirals to a background to increase the finished size. Imagine... quilting motifs such as wind, leaves, stars and clouds. Imagine... table toppers with bouquets of fresh flowers set in the centers. Whatever you create, a garden or a little slice of heaven, the choice is yours and the results will be stunning. Angels in my Garden booklet comes with full directions, ready to take wing using your own imagination and creativity. Purchase this if you already have the 9" - 9 degree circle wedge ruler. If you don't have the ruler, purchase this Angel book and Ruler set instead.

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