Quilting Retreats

Join Marilyn Doheny in her new home, Marilyn’s Historic Melrose Inn in North Carolina. She is fulfilling her dream of having a great place for quilting retreats!

Historical Setting

Marilyn bought the historic Melrose Inn in November 2009 and moved from Seattle to Tryon, NC in January 2010. You too can have a dream come true for yourself by attending and learning some of Marilyn’s secrets to successful and beautiful quilting! The Melrose Inn is a very old building, built in 1889, with 123 years of history, personality, and charm. Marilyn has been extensively repairing, renovating, and decorating it to make her lifetime vision a reality! 

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Quilting Classes

Marilyn offers amazing “value added and life transforming” information and experiences in her class sessions. She is a dynamo in class, never stopping, always teaching. Students “own her” during class time and Marilyn loves every moment! She consistently provides more than expected and has the amazing ability to see into the heart and “growth edge” of each individual student, providing exactly what they need to move to the edge and leap! She causes breakthroughs that are life transforming and go far beyond the quilting topic of the day.

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If you are interested in having Marilyn come to your location to teach a class, please email Marilyn at [email protected] 


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